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89 in Retrospect – My Communism
October 23, 2009, 9:48 am
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1989 is an anthological year in Europe, symbolizing not only the reunion of the continent, but the victory of democracy and the rule of law in many of its countries well. Moreover, for us – people of Timisoara, Hungarians from Romania, and citizens of Romania – it indicates the year of the Revolution, the year when we took our fate in our own hand.

The Integratio Foundation, not losing sight of its founding objectives – considers its obligation to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the revolution. This was the main reason for the initiation of the 89 in Retrospect program, which beyond the commemoration tries to send a message for young people in order to manifest themselves artistically on this topic.

Having said this, our Foundation enounces an animation and short-film competition for young people entitled “My Communism.” We expect maximum 89 seconds long works where the authors can present its own conception, memories or interpretation of Communism.

The animations and short-films will be uploaded on a blog surface, where people can watch them and share their opinion. The best works will receive prices in two categories: the first will be decided by a jury of critics, and the second, a popularity price, as a result of the public voting on the blog.

The participation deadline is December 10, 2009.

The project is Financed by the European Commition, Youth in Action program.

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Hello! A 89 retro projektrol volna szo…
kolozsvaron a Bathory liceumba tartot kialitasrol szeretnem megkapni a kepeket mert en is szerepelek rajtuk es szeretnem ha meglennenek nekem is emlekbe. Kernem szepen ha lehetseges kelgyek el nekem oket E-mailbe. koszi elore

Comment by Varadi Levente

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